stellaDear CPR,

Greetings from Michigan!  I am Stella and was adopted by Karl and Shirley on Dec. 30.  I had been having a pretty rough life but CPR took me in and boy did my life change!  A big thank you to Jennifer and Neil, my foster parents who took care of me while I was sick and recovering from some surgery.  Then I met Karl and Shirley and Layla and they became my new family.  I have tons of toys and pretty collars to wear.  I even have several sweaters and coats because it is much colder here in MI than in FL!  I enjoy traveling in the car and going for walks.  At night I cuddle up in the bed with Layla and my parents.  Whenever Karl or Shirley sit down, Layla and I are on their laps!

Thank you Marcia and the folks at CPR for rescuing me and helping me find a very loving family.  Here is a photo of Layla (another CPR rescue) and me in our pretty collars.  Aren’t we beautiful?



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