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Open Your Eyes! It’s Daybreak and Time to Win Money for CPR!

Gina – Not Quite Awake

Open your eyes! It’s Daybreak and time to WIN more money for CPR!! 

Between NOW and 5:30 AM the charity with the most “unique” gifts gets $1,500!

Before you get out of bed, get online and donate to #GiveMiamiDay!

And then maybe Gina will start her day!!?? =)

Give Miami Day! Click, Donate, then Back To Bed! zzz…. snort… zzz… snort….

click donate back to bed

…sleepy pug…

I’m sleep walking to the computer!

Wouldn’t want them to miss a chance to earn an extra $1,500 for the most donations between now and 3:30 AM!!

Let’s get moving! Click here…. https://givemiamiday.org/npo/compassionate-pug-rescue

Then it’s back to bed!!zzz…snort….zzz…snort


Give Miami Day is LIVE!

give miami day is live


HELLO! I’m up….so WAKE UP!

The Give Miami Day link goes live right NOW!

Be the first to make a donation and help CPR earn extra money!

There’s lots of kisses waiting for you if you do! Get clicking!

https://givemiamiday.org/npo/compassionate-pug-rescue 🐶💜🙏🏻

The Adventures of King Henry Fundraiser

The Adventures of King Henry

Henry wants to honor the memory of his
beloved sister Meiling 
help Compassionate Pug Rescue!

TODAY (June 20, 2017) and TODAY ONLY, King Henry will donate $1 for every NEW Instagram follower of his page “The Adventures of King Henry” up to $500
to our rescue! Wow!!!

We are so incredibly grateful for this act of kindness!

SO…head on over to INSTAGRAM
and FOLLOW @AdventuresOfKingHenry then
SHARE with your friends!
You’ve only got TODAY! Go…Go…Go!