Pug - Senior - Male
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

25 lbs, 10 yr old, Neutered Male, Black Pug

Hi, My name is Pokey!
I came to CPR with my brother Jack. Our family could no longer keep us and decided that CPR would be the best chance for us to find a happily ever after!

I’m the kind of pug that hangs in the background waiting for you to notice how cute I am or give me a minute or two of your time. I let others be first and will patiently wait until it’s my turn. I’m usually loud only when I know it’s time to eat or you come through the door – or best yet – when I hear a snack bag opening!

I love to go on harness and leash walks or explore the enclosed yard.

I have a previous injury to one of my eyes causing me to loose vision in it, but I can still see and haven’t slowed down one bit! I do need daily medicated eye drops to help with some dryness and pigmentation…

I’ve had a previous episode of some spinal arthritis and with some rest and medication, I got through that episode just fine. I’m not currently on any medication for it. As a precaution, I’m not allowed to jump off of the couch or bed or stairs… but I can safely snuggle on your lap and I don’t hold back any smooches when you are near!

I’d really like to be adopted with my brother Jack, but sometimes we get loud and tumble, like brothers sometimes do, so we’d need to make sure we end up with an experienced pug dog home so they know how to handle us. If I can’t be adopted with my brother Jack, I’d love to just be adopted and be the center of some human’s universe. I’ll gladly share your home, companionship, bed, couch and maybe snacks if you’ll let me!

CPR considers adoption applications from Florida Residents, Age 21 & over. Review our Application Process and Complete our Online Adoption Application at: http://www.compassionatepugrescue.com/adopt-surrender/