Hello, my name is Hobo. I am about 11 years old and weigh about 18-20 lbs.

My foster Mom says that I am very energetic for a “pug of a certain age”. And, even though I am blind and deaf, I can still find my way very nicely. When I came to CPR my eyes were in such bad shape that they were hard crusted and peeling. They were really painful. The good people at CPR gave me medications to ease the pain in my eyes and took me to see a specialist. I had to have surgery – something called “canthoplasty” which really helped me to feel better.

I love the company of other dogs, but I like to find a quiet space on a pillow to snooze on sometimes. I do enjoy my naps… and of course, I enjoy a good meal – but who doesn’t? My foster Mom says that I can be quite the alarm sounder when my meals are being prepared. I just call it getting ready!


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