36121253_1.jpgHi, I’m Cleo!
I came to CPR when my mom had to go to a nursing home to live. Although I was sad to leave my mom, I was excited to begin my new life with CPR. I got lucky and ended up with a fantastic set of foster pug parents that love me. Since I’ve been with them, I’ve had my teeth cleaned up and I’m on medication for the arthritis that I’ve got in my back legs. I’m feeling (and looking) great! My hearing and eyesight have pretty much gone now due to my age, but then, I really don’t need those things to eat anyway! I’m on eye drops twice a day to keep them from being dry. They say that my lymph nodes are a little enlarged but we’re hoping they get better soon now that I’m getting healthy again.36121253_2.jpg

Due to my age and medical condition, I’m in permanent foster care. If you would like to be my Pug Angel Sponsor and help CPR cover my medical and everyday care expenses, please send an email to to let them know!



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