spiritAfter a close call with the grim reaper, CPR pulled me from the pound despite my definitive non-puggish good looks.  Marcia and gang saw how lonely I was and gave me months of love and treatment for my kennel cough. A few months later, on a fateful night in November, my mom’s insomnia led her to petfinder in search of a new best friend.  In a small apartment, already home to two cats and with a busy career, she was unsure about adding to the family.  She told me that somewhere around 4am, my brown eyes peered back from her laptop and she knew we were meant for each other.  I came home just days later for a trial run as a foster but knew within minutes this would be my forever home.

I’ve already learned so much.  I can sit, stand, give paw, lay down and stay nomatter how long the front door is left open.  Plus, I have made a lot of new friends at the dog park down the street and you should see me cruising in the family convertible (always wearing my seatbelt of course!).  I’m still trying to win over the kitties, but they are starting to trust me more every day.

Thanks to CPR for taking care of me.  Mom says the fur-family is now complete and we couldn’t be happier!



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