New Beginnings

An Update From Willy!

This is Willy! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new family!! I have been with them almost 5 months already and my new mommy and daddy REALLY, REALLY LOVE ME! They take me for walks around the beautiful lake we have in our community. My dad even likes to take me for adventures all around our community.


They have really spent a lot of time with me to show me how much they love me. They have gotten me all kinds of toys (I really love my blue rubber bone) to play fetch. They even go out of their way to get me special treats that I get to enjoy all the time!  My mom has even taken me to work a couple of times so I get to leave the house every now and again for car rides.


The BEST part is my mom and dad BOTH spend special time with me each day to show me they love me. My mom walks me every morning around the lake where I have a few special dog friends. Then my  dad gets home from work before my mom so he walks me and plays with me when he gets home and then I like to lay in his lap and chew and my rawhides. When my mom gets home she has a “special” blanket that is warm and soft and I cuddle with her on the couch until its time to go to bed and then she lets me sleep under the covers right next to her and cuddles with me all night!  I wake up at 6:30 am like clock work every day and we do everything all over again!

I just wanted to say thank you to Compassionate Pug Rescue for rescuing me  and  finding my new mommy and daddy that love me soooooooooo much! I am a very happy dog!

Love, Willy

More Forever Homes Found




happy - abby


Happy - bear


Happy - Bruce


happy - frankie 3


Happy - Lucy Jan 14 2014


Happy - May Maddie April 20 2014


Happy - preshie

Forever Homes Found!

We have many happy stories of amazing people who have adopted their newest furry family member through CPR. Here are just some of our New Beginnings…


happy - buddy july 5 2013


happy - brontis July 5 2013


Happy - Bogey July 5 2013


Happy - Bella Jan 23 2013


Happy - arnold august 11 2013


Happy - Apple July 5 2013


Happy - cupcake july 5 2013


Happy - Chumlee Sept 3 2013

Buppy & Holly

Happy - Buppy and Holly Dec 18 2013


happy - bugsy july 5 2013

Dash & Noel

Happy - dash and noel july 5 2013Flurry

Happy - flurry july 5 2013


Happy - frank july 5 2013


Happy - frankie july 5 2013


happy - gigi july 5 2013


Happy - gordo july 5 2013


Happy - hailey july 5 2013


Happy - kun july 5 2013


Happy - kyle july 5 2013


Happy - Leila Oct 9 2013


Happy - marley july 5 2013


Happy - millie july 5 2013

Ming Lee

Happy - ming lee july 22 2013


Happy - munch july 5 2013


Happy - noni july 5 2013


Happy - Opa Oct 7 2013


Happy - oreo july 5 2013


Happy - parker july 5 2013


happy - petey july 5 2013


Happy - rufus july 5 2013


Happy - sammie august 22 2013




Happy - sourdough july 5 2013


Happy - Tazzy Oct 10 2013

Odie & Barbie

odie and barbie


Happy - tommy july 5 2013

Ty & Shea

happy - ty and shea aug 24 2013

Ziggy & Zoey

Happy - ziggy and zoey july 5 2013


Happy April - July 5 2013



Thank you CPR for rescuing our sweet boy, Google – he helped fill a hole in our hearts and home and we couldn’t love him more!


spikeWhat a wonderful day June 14th was. That’s the day that a beautiful pug named Spike came into our lives. Spike is a very handsome 10 year old pug. He may be old,but what a loving heart. Spike is gentle, well behaved, potty-trained and gives lots of kisses.

Please consider adopting an older pug, not only will you be doing a good deed, but you also get a companion who will love unconditionally. Please remember our senior 4 legged friends. It will be one of the best choices you ever made.

Spike’s parents,
Joe and Sande


ravenI thank God for the Pug Rescue. I adopted Raven from Compassionate Pug Rescue and was the best thing after loosing all my puggers in the last 4 years that were also rescues and very much older when they come into my home. After having them for many many years, the Rainbow Bridge had to come and take them from me… I was devastated as I lost them one by one due to old age illness’s and just old age. And when I lost my last one, Gizmo… my heart was lost and empty. The Love of a Pug… I was lost.

Then Raven came into my life, she is the joy of my life, she’s young and full of spunk. She’s the best behaved dog, and knows a few tricks and loves loves her squeaky toy… the Meryl. I think… lol. I can’t image why somebody would abandon her without calling a rescue… just to let her go in the city. But God has a reason for that… to become soul mates with me. She’s a treasure and my new joy. Compassionate Pug Rescue, your a God send along with the other rescues across the country. Thank you Marcia and Meryl!

xoxo Laura Jo Smith, Naples, Florida


tyHi everybody, it’s Ty here! Since you last heard from me, I had an additional surgery to remove some of the metal rods from my leg, and now I am fully healed and feeling fantastic! You would never even know that I had surgery, I can run, jump and play like a champion, I don’t even limp anymore! Thank you sooooo much to the great doctors at Hollywood Animal Hospital and the wonderful folks at CPR for taking me in and getting me fixed up, I will be forever grateful!

And, guess who found the best forever home in the world? That’s right, I did! I have a new Daddy that loves and adores me! I don’t have any brothers or sisters yet, but I love being the only doggie in the house so that I can be spoiled rotten! We live in a cool condo right by park and the beach, so there are always lots of dogs and people in the neighborhood for me to play with when my Dad takes me for walks – in fact, everybody already knows me by name in the neighborhood, I am so happy!

Well, I will let my Dad say a few words now. bye bye!

They say the best things in life come to you when you aren’t looking for them. I definitely wasn’t looking for a dog—I thought that I didn’t have the time to take on such a big responsibility. I happened to stumble upon the CPR Website one day, and I read Ty’s story which touched my heart. I donated some money to his cause, and a few weeks later CPR contacted me to say thanks and ask if I would like to foster care for Ty – I had some hesitations, but I agreed. Well, after spending some time with Ty, I absolutely fell in love with him. He is a little guy with a big personality and such a sweet boy! I couldn’t think of a better match than me and Ty. The little guy has really changed my life and I feel truly blessed to have him. I sincerely want to thank CPR for saving Ty’s life and giving me the opportunity to adopt him.

-Ty and Brent


chase“Chase and Belle are best friends! They do everything together. We just moved to a beautiful two bedroom apartment with my mom so now they are rarely ever by themselves. They love the new apartment and spend hours on the patio looking at the lake.

I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is my little man. Everyone loves him! He sleeps on the pillow next to my head every night and Belle sleeps right next to him.

I love him and am so thankful that CPR brought him to me : )”



ollie“Upon meeting Ollie he had lots of energy for a senior pug, and he was always panting as if to smile. I just adored him so I rescue him that same day. At first the little guy had some difficulties, corneal spots, overweight, bladder stones, and the worst, seizures, but I am determined to give him all of the best care he needs.

Some of the highlights of his personality are just incredible to me. He’s soooo hilarious! Always panting which I consider smiling, and he loves to play chase. I grab his paws, he tries to bite me, playing of course, then he runs away and comes back for more. I LOVE this pug. And I’m so happy I adopted him, that he has brought me so much joy and laughter along with the icing on the cake as being a reminder of Angelina. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I am happy Compassionate Pug Rescue advised me to consider a senior and I just wish I could adopt more pugs. Love the breed, their moxie, laziness, and passion for foods is just so endearing to me. Thanks CPR for rescuing Ollie and for giving him to me. I couldn’t imagine a better match!”

Little Ollie is indeed blessed. I am constantly awed for the amazing adopters that our “special needs” pugs have to love them -no matter what.

Priscilla as you read above would move heaven and earth to make her pugs happy and healthy!

Let’s keep this special boy and his mom in our thoughts …