Marley’s Big News!

Congrats to Marley and his new forever parents Sheri and Greg!

marley adoption pic 021016We are so thrilled for them especially after the sudden loss of their pug Yoda. They say the similarities between the two boys are uncanny!

Wishing everyone nothing but happiness, hugs, and lots of Tongue Out Tuesday pictures! 🐶😜.


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  • Sheri says

    Just would like to take this opportunity to thank CPR, especially Marcia for walking us through the adoption process for Marley. We have told our family and friends that after experiencing Yoda’s sudden passing that Yoda saw how sad and empty our home was without him and he sent Marley (an angel) to us and that even though we adopted Marley, Marley really rescued us. We are forever grateful to CPR and Marcia. Also want to thank Lynn from Central Fl Pug Rescue for taking time out of her busy schedule to come and process our home visit in Orlando.

    Warmest thoughts and regards,
    Sheri Bruce

  • Sheri says

    there’s no other love like Puppy LOVE

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