In Memory of…


otisIn Loving Memory

Age: About 12 years old
Gender: Male

RIP Sweet Otis- We are heartbroken that this precious boy crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. He had been at the vet to determine why he loses his balance. Dr’s thought it could have been a brain tumor and he appears to have had a stroke.

No matter how many pugs and others we rescue come into our lives, each and every one of them stay within our hearts forever.


gidgetIn Loving Memory

Age: 14 years old
Gender: Female

In Memoriam,
05/14/12 Update on Gidget:
It is with sadness that we say that this morning we had to put down Gidget. She had had another stroke and we thought her quality of life was going down. We had her almost 6 years! We will always miss her cute little face…she was so sweet. It was almost 6 years since we got her from you in Miami before the hurricane. She was an amazing little lady!


lunaIn Loving Memory

Age: About 11
Gender: Female

Tribute to Luna from Lynn:

“My daughter and I were very blessed to take in Luna as our foster this past March. Luna fit in like a glove with our family from day one. It was like she was always meant to be with us. She became the very best of friends with our pug Polly who guided our seeing impaired Luna throughout our home. Luna always wanted to be next to us and never left our side. She gave us so much love and joy in the seven months she lived with us. Luna will forever be in our hearts and part of our family.”

“We will miss you always my sweet and beautiful Luna.”

“Rest in Peace Beautiful Luna – you were so loved…”


daisyIn Loving Memory

Age: 12
Gender: Female

8/30/11 Update on Daisy: Little Daisy was undergoing surgery today to remove a damaged and infected eye, however she did not make it through the procedure. We here at CPR are heartbroken that such a sweet girl has crossed over the rainbow bridge while she still had so much love to give. While we often don’t understand why things happen the way they do, we know the doctor and staff tried their best to save her. Rest in peace sweet little girl and run free…