In Memory of…


lolitaIn Loving Memory

Gender: Female

It is with great sadness to report to you that Lolita crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Ester and Mark Dichter who adopted Angi’s Buddy, opened their hearts and home to foster Lolita on Saturday after she spent two nights at Dr. Barbosa’s office. This morning she was in respiratory distress and I met them over at Hollywood Animal Hospital where Dr. Sessa was between surgeries and said she was “dying”. Her gums were pale and she was struggling.

During the three days she spent with the Dichter’s, she was so loved and had 24/7 care and attention. She didn’t die abandoned at a shelter. She died knowing that people loved and cared for her in her final days.


weezyIn Loving Memory

Age: 12 years old
Gender: Female

There is a HUGE hole in my heart tonight. Had to let our Weezy go over the rainbow bridge this afternoon. She has taught us a lot in the 3 short years that we had her. We got her from Compassionate Pug Rescue as a 9-year old. 2mo after we got her, I noticed a growth on her belly that ended up being an aggressive type of cancer. We did 2 invasive surgeries to remove it. She was a very healthy and happy puggie for over 2 1/2yrs. Thursday she got sick and the vet found a large growth by her spleen pushing on her organs. She went down hill before we could do an ultrasound on Mon. I am extremely grateful for the unconditional love and affection that she gave to us. Words CANNOT express my love for Weezy. We will always adopt senior pugs from Compassionate Pug Rescue! There is nothing like the love of a senior rescue.
-Jamie Laugel Caldwell


moeIn Loving Memory

Age: 13 years old
Gender: Male

Hello CPR folks, foster parents, fellow rescuers and pugs,
It is with a sad heart that I am writing to tell you that Moe (formerly known as Goliven) passed away this December. We had him for almost three years, and he was the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. Thank you to his foster mom and grandmom, Marcia, and others who helped us connect. He was old when we got him, but so grateful to have a big yard and a cozy place to cuddle. He was at least 13 when he passed. He loved to sit on the rug in the kitchen and oversee any meal preparation. We miss him greatly. Rest in Peace, Moe.

Ramona Rose

ramonaIn Loving Memory

Gender: Female

“In loving memory of our sweet Ramona Rose aka ‘Miss Lovely’ aka ‘Our Lady Love’… we love you with all our hearts and souls. You were the princess of the house, the sweetness in our lives, the joy of our hearts, the sunrise and the sunset. There will never be another like you sweet girl.

Rest in peace until we are reunited.”