In Memory of…



RIP Petey 05/31/19 ~ Fly High, Free and Whole Again xoxo

Petey was the sweetest little boy with spinal problems and was incontinent. When Petey came to CPR Christmas day 2015, he had a wobbly walk. After an MRI by Dr. Wong, it was determined he had disc problems in his neck. Petey was blind and had to have one eye removed.  This little guy had spirit and spunk. He was so sweet and he loved his belly rubs after dinner every night in his loving foster moms arms.


RIP Tommy ~ 05/16/19

Until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge sweet boy…   xoxo

Tommy was a sweet boy who ended up at animal control at the time in his life he needed the most love and care. Although Tommy was deaf and blind, a gentle touch and cuddle meant the world to him! Tommy had a crisis when he first came in and spent a few days in ICU but had recovered nicely. Tommy’s foster mom said he liked to explore the backyard and sleep on the sofa with his brother.  He liked being with his family and sitting on their laps.

Thank you to Tommy’s foster family and to all those that support CPR so that we can continue to provide a loving home for pugs like Tommy.


RIP Sassy ~ 03/25/19
Until we meet again beautiful girl….    xoxo

Sassy was a lovely sassy senior gal!  She had a beautiful blond double coat.  She had cataracts and was on prescription eye drops twice a day; otherwise she was in good health.  She loved to have her belly rubbed, it made her smile. She was very sweet and got along well with people and pets.


RIP Nana ~ 03/25/19 Run free at the Rainbow Bridge beautiful girl xoxo

At approximately 13 years old, Nana found herself at the Miami Dade county shelter.  That’s where CPR found her and her life was changed forever!  Nana was blind and deaf but boy did her sniffer work!  She could smell food a mile away! Her foster mommy says she enjoyed exploring the garden, laying outside taking sun naps and she loved her bed.  Nana made a full recovery after having her eye removed.  She was very well mannered and was so grateful to be part of a loving forever foster home.

Thank you to her foster family and to all that support CPR so that we can continue to help pugs like Nana.