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CPR alum Thommy is living the PUG LIFE!  Thanks for the update, Captain Thommy!

Molly’s Story

It is with a heavy heart that we give this update today. Molly, the precious pug mix from Broward, one of the many victims of animal cruelty and neglect from a hoarding case, was just too weak to survive her illness and has given up her fight and gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Molly’s story…

Carly and Molly

Molly (shown here with Carl) delivered three beautiful puppies only two days after being pulled from the shelter. She gave birth in the isolation ward of an animal hospital where she was herself hospitalized for being so weak and sick. One of her three pups, the one we named “Benny”, passed only days before she did.


At the time of Molly’s passing, two pups were orphaned. Sadly, one of those pups, the one we named Lucy, became very weak and lethargic and has also passed. There remains one pup, the one we have named “Abby” that is receiving continuous care and around the clock feedings. We are hopeful that Abby might survive as the last member of this little family.


Please join us today in remembering Molly and her little angels Benny and Lucy. We ask for all the good thoughts, prayers and healing energy that you can send to little Abby.

Donations made for this little family will go toward the thousands of dollars that CPR has spent to care for Molly, Carl (the male that she came in with who was also hospitalized due to extreme illness) and the puppies since July 30th.

Use the Donate button on our homepage and mention “Molly” in the special instructions.

Thank you friends and family of CPR. It is only with the generosity and kind hearts of our supporters that we are able to continue our work to help those that need us most.

Every Little Bit Helps

Many of you follow us of Facebook and have seen the pictures of Molly and her puppies, Abby & Lucy.


Molly and her best bud, Carly came to CPR very ill and in need of immediate medical attention. They both spent three days at Hollywood Animal Hospital in ICU.  Not only was Molly ill, but also in labor.  She gave birth to Abby & Lucy but is struggling to eat and drink.  Her babies are holding on but are not thriving as well as we would hope.

Carly and Molly

Molly and Carly are just two of several pugs and pug mixes we are now caring for from a recent hoarding case. The dogs were ill, scared and needed to see a vet ASAP.

The love we provide to our beloved pugs is free.  However, the medical treatment is not.  We are incredibly grateful to the clinics & hospitals like Hollywood Animal Hospital and South Shore Animal Hospital who are continually caring for our pugs and coming to their aid.

We also need your help.  The medical costs are rising but a price cannot be put on saving the lives of these sweet pups.  Please consider donating to CPR.  You can do so directly by sending money via PayPal to: (also found on our homepage) ~OR~ you can mail a check to: CPR – PO Box 630626 – Miami, FL 33163.  All donations go directly to the care of our pugs and are tax deductible.

You can also donate to CPR by:

  • Signing up for BarkBox (monthly surprises for your dog!) and using discount code PAPAPUG.  Each time the discount PAPAPUG is used, $15.00 will go directly to CPR.

BarBox Papa Bark Box

  • Walking!  Download WoofTrax – an app for your iPhone or Droid that donates to CPR while you walk! Remember to change the shelter to Compassionate Pug Rescue.


  • Shopping!  If you shop with Amazon, you can start using Amazon Smile. Be sure to select Compassionate Pug Rescue, Inc. as your charity. For more info, see their About Section.

Amazon Smile

  • Shopping some more!  Shop with iGive and a portion of every purchase will go to CPR.


 We can’t do what we do without YOU!

Walk Your BFF & Help Raise Money for CPR


You may have seen this app posted on our Facebook page. What is it? WoofTrax – an app for your iPhone or Droid that helps raise money for CPR. Every time you walk, you have the opportunity to raise money for CPR.

You can download the app here:

Make sure to change the shelter/rescue you are walking for to Compassionate Pug Rescue.

sammie and lola

If you or someone you know wants to help using their walking skills but doesn’t have a dog – no worries!  You can still download the app and help CPR.  The more people who walk, the more they’ll donate to us.

Of course, we have to be careful with our pugs – especially in this Florida heat!  No matter what breed you’re walking, check the pavement temperature.


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