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miloWe are so happy we have Milo!!!

He is such a character and full of love.  He has made our family complete.  He gets along great with his older pug sister Mimi.  Thank you so much CPR for letting Milo join our family and for taking such great care of his paw… is almost all healed and he is so happy about that.  Must run now……Milo and his sister are running around like typical crazy puggies.

Pugs and Kisses,

Brooke, Tim, Mimi, and Milo

Johnny Boy


cuddlesCuddles is adjusting very well to her new home. She is just what we needed around here. We are all in love with her already! Cuddles loves playing with her new sister “Bella” our boxer. They love to give each other kisses! Bella is very happy to have a new playmate!

She is eating well, and learning to sit for cookies. I see where she gets the name “Cuddles” she is such a little snuggler. She really enjoys the kids as well, they take turns sleeping with her at night. Cuddles loves to crawl under the covers and sleep. Wow – she can really snore!! It makes us laugh!

She is the “princess” around here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


mushuIt’s been 2+ months since we adopted Mushu and all I can say is he is one handsome devil and we are all in love.

Mushu is in love with his 2 pug sisters – Maggie and Minnie.  He is in love with Minnie & they conspire all the time to be naughty and he loves going to PetSmart with Maggie so he can be the center of attention.  Every night we go for long walks around the block for mommy and me time and everyone he comes in contact with has to stop and pet him and admire him because he is so handsome.

But most of all he reminds me of my precious Havanna Rose who went to the Rainbow Bridge December 2008.  He is the male version of her……handsome, naughty, a fantastic kisser & cuddler & my best friend.

So once again, thank you CPR for bringing another love in my life and thank you for all the you do for CPR.  You are remarkable.


Allyson & David