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owenThank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a great pug!

Owen is the happiest and friendliest dog.  He loves playing with his brother and sister.

It’s unbelievable how a blind pug can adapt so well to his surroundings. He knows where his food and water bowls are and where to find the back door when he has to go outside.  Just yesterday we brought him to the beach for the first time and he loved it.

We are very happy to have such a sweet dog! He will always be loved and well taken care of here.

Here are some photos of Owen with his brother Simba (Italian Mastiff) and Rosie (Pug).

Thanks Again!

Krystyl & Aaron


dudeHello CPR,

Thank you so much for bringing Dude (formerly Yoshi) into our family.  What a funny little dog he is!  We fell in love with his snorts, smacks, snores, and yawns the minute we met him.  He is such a lover and is full of character.

He and his older pug brother, Monkey, get along so well that we can’t imagine ever being a one pug household ever again. Thank you so much to the many people involved in his rescue and care before trusting us with him.


Eric and Beth

P.S. Check out the boys on YouTube (Monkey on the left, Dude on the right)



Bella & Weezy

Weezy is just a little angel to us. She loves to cuddle with our cat Frodo for an afternoon nap and lounges on the couch with her new sister Bella!

She likes to be where ever we are and when we sit down, she and Bella take turns laying on our laps. Weezy’s favorite time is bedtime when she snuggles in the pillows. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and thankful to Compassionate Pug Rescue for finding our new girl!

We are glad to adopt our senior girl and give her the forever home she deserves! We find that senior pugs are so grateful for everything you share with them and the love that they return to you is tenfold!


Bill, Jamie, Bella, & Weezy


chanceHi everyone it’s me Chance.  I heard some of you were wondering what happened to me so I asked my mom (yep you heard me right) to help me fill you in.

In case you haven’t figured it out – I finally found my forever family.  My mom says I can’t say that I was adopted because she tells me I was always meant to be a part of the family but it just took me a little longer to find my way home.

I’m living the good life now.  I have a huge backyard my sister and I love to play in. When we get tired we just go inside and hop on the couch or my dad’s lap and pass out.  We have a lot of fun and run around and get pretty wild at times which makes mom and dad laugh really hard.

I love to cuddle and they even let me sleep in bed with them – I know crazy isn’t it, but you won’t catch me complaining!  They tell me all the time they can’t imagine life without me and to be honest I can’t imagine life without them.

Now don’t worry, I will never forget what the kind folks at Compassionate Pug Rescue did for me.  For those of you who don’t know I was hit by a car and in pretty bad shape by the time I got there.  Thank goodness I had angels looking out for me because they got me the medical care I needed – which was pretty extensive (I had a shattered leg, broken pelvis on both sides, and my eye was pretty messed up).  I even had to go through a few surgeries for my eye and leg but as you can see I am finally all healed up!

I can’t thank everyone at CPR enough, especially those of you who contributed money to CPR for my care, for everything they did to fix me up…after all without them I wouldn’t have found my family!!

You don’t have to worry about me anymore, my mom and dad say they will always love and protect me and I will always love and protect them too!!