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pumpkinIt sure seems like Pumkin has always been with us!  Since day one, she has fit right in.  She LOVES to be right next to us, regardless of what we are doing.  If she can’t be with us, then she wants to be right next to her new brother, Pup.  When Pumkin first arrived, Pup would move if she wanted to get on the dog bed with him (He’s such a gentleman!), a day later she’d let her lay about a foot from him and 2 days after that, he succumbed to her charm and started cuddling up with her.  Our cat was a little less sure about the new addition but now all three of them play together.  It’s heartwarming!

Needless to say, lil Pumkin is being showered with doggie presents and lots and lots of love.  (OK, outfits too.  I said I wouldn’t do it, but I couldn’t resist and she loves it – she is just so adorable.) She rarely barks – at first we thought maybe she couldn’t bark but as it turns out she’s a great little watch dog.  She is super sweet and an all around joy!  We are so happy to be able to give her the forever home she so deserves, thank you CPR – we just love her to pieces!

Julie Baron


charlieHi CPR!

I just to give you an update on Charlie.  He is doing fantastic.  If he isn’t following me around the house, he is in my lap watching TV.  Here are some recent pics of Charlie and I.  Thanks again for inquiring and take care.

Mark Harrington

Naples, FL


busterHiya CPR!

Just wanted to give an update on our little man Buster!

He has fit in with our family since day one. Like Jon said (his former foster father), its like he has always been with us. Buster has all the perfect characteristics; he’s a lover, a snuggle buddy, a huge grunter/snorer (love it!), a true companion and at the same time a crazy little playful puggy (they don’t call him Busta Move for nothing!). He keeps up well with all of our activity: playing in the back yard and going on nice long walks. Not only that, we think he’s the cutest looking pug out there… we really can’t say enough wonderful things about him! Buster gets along great with our other dog Murphy, they are both happy to have one another.

My family and I are just so lucky we found the right pug on our first shot and happy that we were able to get him through such a great organization. Thank you so much for giving our family this gift. We really can say we are complete now.

With Much Thanks,

The Aldridges


samsonThank you for allowing us to give Samson his forever home. He is a wonderful, sweet little boy who is just full of lots of affection. He loves giving kisses. We have 2 other pugs, one of which was also a rescue, and they have taken Samson under their wings and have shown him the ropes. They all play hard together and sleep even harder. I am so amazed at how quickly
they have bonded. Looking at them you would think they are litter mates. It brings us so much joy to watch them curl up on the couch together and

Thank you CPR for bringing our family and Samson together. We are forever grateful.