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sophieDear Compassionate pug rescue,

I had to take the time to tell you all how grateful we are for your organization.  Through you, our family found the love of our life.  Sophie is a 10 year old pug, and we never imagined such a loving being even existed.  Sophie has a way of looking right into your soul.  She holds eye contact like a human, and is so well behaved we forget she is actually a pug.  She is like having a sweet little girl around the house.  We have decided as a family that we will forever adopt senior pugs, because of their endless love and devotion.  The appreciation she shows us would melt your heart.  She plays like a puppy, and turns circles when we talk to her.  She loves toys, and she loves to cuddle.  She is so faithful and well behaved. We are certain that she understands every word we say to her.  She stands right beside us and never leaves our side.  Sophie is actually perfect.

We are forever indebted to compassionate pug rescue for bringing this precious little love into our lives.  We thank you for your devotion and perseverance with finding peace, safety and rest for these amazing little souls.  All they want to do is give love, and you give them that opportunity.

Love Donna and Dave


belleMy wife Patrice and I would like to thank everyone associated with our being able to adopt “Belle”.

I could go on and on about her and what she means to us, but for all of us that love pugs I would just be preaching to the choir.

A special thanks to our new friend Cyndy, who was very instrumental in us getting “Belle”.

Michael & Patrice


pugsleyI love our older pugs, Pugsley and Simba, for their hilarious indifference to missing teeth, distinguished karmic calm, and fully developed personalities. Simba is 10 and somewhat pompous with an enormous charisma.  He is the dog incarnation of Winston Churchill. We just adopted 8-year-old Pugsley from CPR, and he is suprisingly nimble and athletic. He can bend his body in a 90 degree angle to mark low-lieing bushes, and he also loves water. He runs to jump in the tub if you say “Ready for a bath?”. And, even more amazing, he leapt into the pool after he saw me jump in the first time, and tried to drag me out by the wrist. They’re two amazing pugs enjoying pug thier silver years, as you can see by Pugsley and Simba’s greying muzzles.

Thank you CPR!

Evan and Karen


Just want to let you know how Mikey, now called Sir Oscar Von Pugglesworth, (we call him Oscar) is doing.

He has settled in great and loves to play with Ernie. They have a blast together and he is such a great addition. He is just so adorable and lovable. We take them everywhere with us as Key West is a dog loving town. They get so much attention and have been all over the island. They both start puppy school on Sunday so we will have our hands full! As if we don’t already with 2 – 4month old pups! We are loving it!

Thank you for allowing us to adopt “Oscar”!