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miaWhat a blessing she is! She has just taken over our home and we have fallen totally in love with her… including my other pug, Monkey who can’t seem to do anything without Mia kissing him constantly.

She is such a snuggle bug and does not care if you are sleeping or not because when it is time to get up and eat in the morning, she will lick your whole face until you do. She loves being under the covers to sleep, chew toys, going to Pet Smart and the dog park!!!

Her howl is one of a kind, her love is endless and I am so thankful for her… she is spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it.

Thanks so much for bringing Mia into our lives.



tankOur story starts a little differently than others.  Most people who come to Compassionate Pug Rescue – rescue a pug.  That is where our story takes a different twist.  My daughter Shelby and I were looking for a companion for our six year old pug Sassy.  We contacted Marcia who we had met before through Shelby’s mom who is active with CPR on a Saturday and on Monday we received a call to our surprise.

We were looking for a four year old and it seemed like Marcia found a perfect fit.  Rio now named Tank was going to be surrendered due to his owner Jose having to move to London for employment.  Jose was looking for a loving home; you could hear in his voice and read through his emails that he wasn’t happy about the surrender.  We spoke numerous times throughout the week and on Saturday we picked up Rio.

When we brought Rio home there was a loving environment waiting. Sassy was really interested and playing with her new friend.  Rio was well taken care off and a tad bit over weight.  He was a little unresponsive to his name so we watched him for a few days.  He was stumbling around, and barreling into things like a little tank…hence the new name “Tank.”

He is very playful and loving.  He and Sassy play very well together.

Tank keeps us on our toes and no food is sacred!!!!!!

We are grateful to Marcia and Jose’ for the opportunity to allow us to add Tank to our family.

Brian, Shelby and Sassy


oliveOlive: Life is good, I am a very happy Pug! Just the other day I was telling my human mom, Jakes, how I happy and cozy in my new home. Sometimes on my morning walk, I reflect on my life. I am a lucky girl, I have so many friends now, both human and canine. The humans love to rub my belly and tell me that I am cute (which I am)! I even got invited to a party!  Of course I was the princess of the party! Talk about popular! I also feel that I have a lot more energy now. I wish that Jakes would give me a more food, and that yummy food that she eats too, but I know that I have to be on my diet! By the way I have lost 3 lbs, not bad for a little one like me. So that’s my up-date, talk to you later… Must get my beauty rest!

Jakes: Life is good, I am a very happy human! Just the other day I was telling Olive how I am so happy that she is a part of my family! She is a totally different pug these days! Her energy level is up, and she is slim and trim! Olive is enjoying her life, and I am enjoying her. I tell her everyday how happy I am that she is in my life, and I think she understands!


sheaWe would like you to meet our new puppy Shea.  When we first got Shea her broken jaw was already fixed. She came right into our house and took over!  Shea loves to play with our other pugs Lucy(age 3) and Mookie(age 6); both who are CPR graduates as well. Shea knocked Lucy right out of the Queen position.  She chases them around the house like a nut!!! Lucy usually runs away from Shea and Mookie will play rough and tumble with her.  But when it’s nap time or the end of the day, they all curl up together in bed!  Shea even pays attention to our 14 year old pug Koko; she loves to wake her up and say hello.

Shea always hangs out with us in the playroom. She acts like Lucy a lot by sticking her tongue out and by using her cute little under-bite. Shea takes turns sleeping with us. Whenever we sit at the computer she tries to get up and we help her up. Shea loves a lap to sleep on.  She is a great addition to our family.  We are happy to call her our own and finally have the puppy we’ve always wished for.

Written by Allie and Aimee Starr