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An Update From Willy!

This is Willy! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new family!! I have been with them almost 5 months already and my new mommy and daddy REALLY, REALLY LOVE ME! They take me for walks around the beautiful lake we have in our community. My dad even likes to take me for adventures all around our community.


They have really spent a lot of time with me to show me how much they love me. They have gotten me all kinds of toys (I really love my blue rubber bone) to play fetch. They even go out of their way to get me special treats that I get to enjoy all the time!  My mom has even taken me to work a couple of times so I get to leave the house every now and again for car rides.


The BEST part is my mom and dad BOTH spend special time with me each day to show me they love me. My mom walks me every morning around the lake where I have a few special dog friends. Then my  dad gets home from work before my mom so he walks me and plays with me when he gets home and then I like to lay in his lap and chew and my rawhides. When my mom gets home she has a “special” blanket that is warm and soft and I cuddle with her on the couch until its time to go to bed and then she lets me sleep under the covers right next to her and cuddles with me all night!  I wake up at 6:30 am like clock work every day and we do everything all over again!

I just wanted to say thank you to Compassionate Pug Rescue for rescuing me  and  finding my new mommy and daddy that love me soooooooooo much! I am a very happy dog!

Love, Willy


In Loving Memory

Geri Lola 2Lola, a CPR Alum, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Her sister and fellow CPR alum, Noni will miss her and will be receiving all the love in the world from her mom & dad.  Like so many pugs who make their way to CPR, Lola was older and needed some tender loving care.  She received that and so much more from Geri & Lew.

From Lola’s mom: She was the most loving, special little girl, perfect for us.  The 3 & 1/2 years we had her just was not enough.

Pug hugs to your family from all of us at CPR.


In Loving Memory


CPR Alum, Luna crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this month.  

From Luna’s mom: She was feisty, loving and extremely loyal. Wherever her people were that is where you would find her.  

Luna will be greatly missed by her human, pug and feline family.

Sweet Sweetie


Sweetie is a special girl.  She was saved by CPR and has been in the loving homes of some of our amazing foster volunteers.  Here is a little about Sweetie:

She is approximately 8 yrs young, is incontinent and has an inability to walk on her back legs. However, she is quite mobile and can scoot from room to room, especially well on smooth surfaces. With her feeding and toileting schedule down, she’s doing really well! Despite her issues, she is quite independent and just wants cuddles, hugs and kisses and is just so happy when she’s hanging out with her people, other dogs and kitties too.  

Check out this video made by her current foster family.  It will melt your heart…

She also has her own Facebook page!