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Happy Thanksgiving


♥♥♥♥Thank you ♥♥♥♥

Thank you to our ADOPTERS.

Thank you for adopting a homeless pug, for making them part of your family.

Thank you to our SPONSORS and DONORS.

We truly cannot rescue pugs without you!

Thank you to our FOSTER PARENTS

For opening your hearts and homes to homeless pugs. For looking after them 24/7 as if they were your own. For all the love and care given.

Thank you to our VOLUNTEERS in all areas of our rescue.

We couldn’t do it without you. You are truly the heart of our rescue.


For speaking for the ones that cannot speak. For crossposting to save a precious life. For helping one another.

Thank you to the HOME VISITORS.

For taking time from your busy lives and making sure the Pugs go to good homes.


We wish you and your loved ones, including your beloved pugs and furry family members, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thank you for your Generosity & Support – Give Miami Day 2016

Thank you for all of your generous donations and support!  

Thanks to you, we will continue our work to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for pugs in need!


It’s Give Miami Day!!!

It’s Give Miami Day!

…and the Pugs NEED YOUR Support!

Because of your generosity, CPR is able to rescue and provide life-saving care to pugs like Pookie who came to us from animal services in very sad condition.  Pookie had a tick born disease, a mammory tumor, a hernia, an inoperable large kidney stone and a broken jaw.
CPR continues to do whatever we can possibly do to save, rehabilitate and find forever homes for these precious souls.  Please help us continue to save more like Pookie.
Thank you and God Bless…

CLICK HERE to help!



36121253_1.jpgHi, I’m Cleo!
I came to CPR when my mom had to go to a nursing home to live. Although I was sad to leave my mom, I was excited to begin my new life with CPR. I got lucky and ended up with a fantastic set of foster pug parents that love me. Since I’ve been with them, I’ve had my teeth cleaned up and I’m on medication for the arthritis that I’ve got in my back legs. I’m feeling (and looking) great! My hearing and eyesight have pretty much gone now due to my age, but then, I really don’t need those things to eat anyway! I’m on eye drops twice a day to keep them from being dry. They say that my lymph nodes are a little enlarged but we’re hoping they get better soon now that I’m getting healthy again.36121253_2.jpg

Due to my age and medical condition, I’m in permanent foster care. If you would like to be my Pug Angel Sponsor and help CPR cover my medical and everyday care expenses, please send an email to to let them know!