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sissySissy is a blind senior female pug that came to CPR in May 2016.  Sissy was surrendered to the Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter by her family.  CPR was contacted because although Sissy was old, blind and starting to loose the function of her back legs, she still had a spark of life in her!  CPR took her in and we vowed to keep her as healthy, safe, comfortable and loved as possible for the rest of her days.  Sissy is now part of our Permanent Foster/Hospice Care program.  She is with a wonderful foster mother who takes care of her every need and gives her plenty of love.

Your monthly or one-time donations go directly to help pugs in need like Sissy.  We can’t thank you enough for your support!

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Good Morning Sunshine!


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Gina – Not Quite Awake

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